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Multi-purpose picodrop dosing system for fast and easy testing of ink-substrate interactions and printing behaviour

In order to study printing behaviour, it is advisable to emulate the printing process as far as possible which means in particular that a “printer-like” dispensing system should be used. DataPhysics provides such a dispensing system, namely the picodrop dosing system PDDS, which has originally been developed for contact angle measurement on very small testing spots. The PDDS is able to dispense liquid droplets of down to 30 pl – which is obviously well in the range of droplets created by inkjet printheads. Moreover, the PDDS dispenses these droplets via acoustic pulses with frequencies of up to 10000 Hz such that the system indeed perfectly simulates a printer head. Of course, varying the amplitude and width of the piezo-pulses allows to modify the dispensed drop volume. Hence, fast and reliable contact angle measurements for the testing of ink-substrate interactions are easily possible.





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