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Advanced bulk piezo ceramics technology for high performance industrial inkjet printhead

Most of industrial inkjet printheads are driven with piezoelectric actuator made by sintering bulk of material composition over 1000 C° or forming thin film by material deposition or sol-gel method over 600 C°. In case of bulk piezo ceramics, grain boundaries are bonded firmly through high temperature process to complete chemical reaction even in microscopic level although it requires special technology to build it into micro mechanical systems. On the other hand, thin film piezo can be applied for fine patterning but have more chance of ion migration or friction among grains due to looser grain boundary by relatively lower process temperature. Kyocera chose the bulk piezo technology as a power source of the industrial inkjet printhead due to its essential reliability, and has been optimizing the formulation as well as processes to realize high performance. Background stories of proven technology in the market are to be introduced.





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