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Call for papers

callforpapersDuring the last couple years, the trend to move printing into industrial, Functional and Speciality printing has been showed by many conferences from ESMA such as GlassPrint and AFIP but now more focus is put on the digital inkjet progress with the newest conference The Inkjet Conference.

Whether printing ceramics, textiles, electronics, laminates, packaging or graphics there is the application of a new disruptive technology. It is the aim of The Inkjet Conference™ to bring together all those involved for technical presentations and opportunities to exploit knowledge and technology across the market sector boundaries.

Delegates from the largest players in their industry with combined component purchasing power in excess of €100 million will have the opportunity to meet and assess the potential commercialisation opportunities presented by the research institutions and experimental start-up companies.

Presentation from the technology providers to the industry will highlight newly available products and the future direction there research is leading them. All presentations will need to book a table top at the exhibition for all commercial information exchange.

This two day conference is organised in two presentation tracks and a parallel running table top exhibition of 2.000 sqm.

Key industry leaders will be offered a 50m2 breakout room for the duration of the conference to facilitate more confidential discussions or more detailed presentations to invited groups of people. This is part of a special sponsoring package.

It is hoped this bringing together of various market sectors will stimulate a cross-fertilisation of ideas and an industry wide networking to stimulate the next growth on the path to digital manufacturing.

See below a list of suggested areas of interest and applications, however feel free to submit a presentation title from outside of this list.

  • Hardware components such printing heads, controller boards,…
  • Precision mechanics
  • Fluid systems components
  • Analytic lab equipment
  • Suppliers of binders, pigments, photo iniators,…
  • Inks / Adhesives / Conductives - Graphic inks, conductive inks, dielectric inks, functional coatings, adhesives
  • Finishing processes -  moulding, mounting components, surface coating, forming, lamination (liquid and film), adhesives (tapes)
  • Testing, Quality control & inspection
  • Software such as RIP, …..
  • Integrators for special applications
  • UV and IR curing
  • EU  funded projects  

Potential Applications (some examples):

  • Ceramics
  • Glass (hollow and flat)
  • Textile
  • Plastics (packaging)
  • Cardboard  (packaging)
  • Printed Electronics

We will be following this up with phone calls and correspondence and remain available for further questions you may have about this and any other ESMA events.

Looking forward to you future participation and support.

Kind regards,

Peter Buttiens                                Steve Knight
ESMA                                            Digital Direct Technologies bvba
Phone: +32 (0)16894353               Phone: +32 (0) 2 657 0003
Mobile: +32 (0)499199275             Mobile: +32 (0) 499 358660
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