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Global Graphics Unveils Inkjet Fundamentals at drupa

Fundamentals by Global Graphics Software

A new software and engineering services package for inkjet press manufacturers that will help them get to market quicker by overcoming the technical hurdles involved in developing a new press has been unveiled at drupa by Global Graphics Software. 

Called Fundamentals, the service provides manufacturers with a single source for the key software components and engineering knowhow that are essential to building a digital front end.  It is aimed at label, packaging and commercial inkjet press manufacturers initially. The goal is to help them to reduce their time to market and their engineering costs.

“Fundamentals is the result of our interaction with inkjet press manufacturers who are pushing the boundaries of inkjet technology as they bring new models of presses to market.”  says Martin Bailey, CTO, Global Graphics Software. “Every press, every application and every operating environment is different. Companies often can’t solve the problems they face in the development phase of a new press on their own. That’s where we can step in and help them out with our combination of best of breed software and our new BreakThrough Engineering Service.”

Eric Worrall, who heads up the Global Graphics’ BreakThrough team says “We work side by side with the manufacturer to create a solution that is truly customized to their press and its operating environment. In doing so we give the manufacturer access to our tools and a unique pool of print scientists and engineers with decades of specialist knowledge exactly when they need them.”

“We are already working on solutions for cross head calibration, clustering and chaining on output, ink estimation, even controlling the beta test environment”, he continues. “The goal is to breakthrough every technical barrier, accelerating the press to market. We take our lead from the manufacturer and tackle whatever issue they want help with. For instance, we were recently engaged to improve print quality but switched to a problem with screening speed because it was an immediate win for the manufacturer.” 

Fundamentals includes best of breed software from other vendors and marks the start of closer collaboration between Global Graphics Software and HYBRID Software, both of which share the same chairman in Guido Van der Schueren.

Fundamentals creates a much broader software offering alongside a RIP – it works with or without the Harlequin RIP® – and is Global Graphics’ response to the many press vendors who are looking for the optimal choice of software components to drive their inkjet presses.  A key ingredient is the BreakThrough Engineering Service provided by Global Graphics color scientists, screening experts and RIP technologists.  They provide the integration services that link Fundamentals together.

In the product line up is Global Graphics’ new multi-level screening for inkjet technology (ScreenPro) that significantly improves inkjet output quality, especially at high speed and even on challenging media (see separate press release, Global Graphics raises the bar in inkjet quality with drupa launch). This is available as a standalone screening engine that does not require the Harlequin RIP.

The full line-up is:

  • Label Layout Station: for estimating and planning single or multi-gang orders on roll-to-roll at the start of the print workflow
  • CLOUDFLOW Fundamentals: an OEM version of HYBRID Software’s popular file management system that can be easily branded and customized to each press and is configured specifically for inkjet label and packaging workflows.  From within CLOUDFLOW Fundamentals the file is RIPped and screening and colour management can be applied.

·         Harlequin RIP®: reputed for the quality of its output as well as its speed, the native PDF Harlequin RIP feeds pages to the press at high-speed without comprising on quality.  It handles variable data and short runs with ease and is integrated with CLOUDFLOW Fundamentals

  • ScreenPro: a standalone multi-level screening engine that addresses in software many of the quality defects such as chaining and mottling, that can’t be corrected mechanically.  Using the Breakthrough Service Global Graphics’ engineers measure test prints and process the results through Global Graphics’ new Digital Print Quality Optimizer tool. This calculates optimized patterning and overlaps for the various ink drop sizes available.
  • Harlequin ColorPro™ provides consistent and predicable colour for a wide range of workflows including Esko. Brand look-up tables in a variety of colour spaces meet the need for colour fidelity and colours can be matched with conventional output for consistency across a brand presence. Support for industry standard ICC profiles, including device link and N-channel profiles.
  • ProofScope: a soft proofer to verify before print separations, cut marks, bar codes, colours, dimensions and density

·         Mellow Colour: digital print quality management software whose certification is demanded by the leading brands, including Conde Nast and Marks & Spencer.  Gives press vendors the power to understand how their press is performing and the ability to undertake remote diagnosis.  Invaluable when running beta programmes.

For more information, visit http://www.globalgraphics.com/products/fundamentals or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Martin Bailey from Global Graphics will hold a presentation “Software is as important a component as any hardware” during TheIJC 2016.

Demand Flows for Individualised Hapa Inks

Hapa Inks are formulated and mixed in almost infinite permutations to meet specific customer demandsHapa Inks are formulated and mixed in almost infinite permutations to meet specific customer demands

Innovative on demand print specialist Hapa reports rapidly increasing demand and sales for inks developed individually.

An increasing number of companies are looking for an ink supplier ready to design or tailor inks to their specifications and volume needs, specifically when their quantity ordered is particularly low. Hapa’s new division, Hapa Ink, develops, produces and delivers inks customised to clients’ applications, substrates and volume needs, no matter how small.

Both the division’s standard range and its tailored inks deliver significantly higher print quality. “Our inks are developed for optimal printing on plastic, aluminium, glass, and labelling materials of all types,” explained Mathias Theiler, Head of Hapa Ink. They feature exceptional adhesion, bleed control, fastness against light, jetting quality and stability. “We are particularly proud of the opacity of our white inks, which we believe is unsurpassed in the industry,” he added. From launch, late in 2013, Hapa Ink has fulfilled orders of any size, no matter how small. Long-term availability of all inks is guaranteed.

The Hapa Ink development team employs a range of sophisticated analytical methods and tools to optimise viscosity, rheology, jet-ability and surface tension. They conduct precise UV Vis-analysis, FT-IR spectroscopy analysis, develop specialized UV dispersions, as well as quantify colour vibrancy and opacity. Hapa Ink has also developed a range of cleaning agents specifically designed for UV inks. “Evident trends towards just-in-time production, lean batch processes and ever more specialized and complex packaging are all relevant to the demand for our inks,” explained Theiler. “The bottom line is that quality needs to be 100 per cent correct on each and every production run to extract maximum cost effectiveness. Specialised inks specifically developed for the process and materials involved guarantee best results every time and reduce the risks of packaging error,” said Theiler. “Quite simply, it’s more efficient to tailor ink to process than the other way round,” he added.

Hapa Inks will be presenting and exhibiting at TheIJC 2016.

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