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Taking the Digital Textile Plunge – What’s in it for Me?

Velvet Jet by Bordeaux

Textile digital printing for most print shops is synonymous with dye sublimation printing for indoor banners and soft signage.  Dye sublimation is an easy printing process and it is within the scope of services of most print shops. However, when compared to the endless possibilities digital textile printing presents, it is very limited. Extending the textile digital printing portfolio means significant business opportunities.

The obstacles of printing digitally on textile for applications other than signs and banners may seem risky and require a high capital investment such as purchasing new printers, pre and/or post treatment and purchasing different types of ink for different fabric types. However, recent innovations can make the leap towards digital textile printing easier than ever with lucrative advantages for creative print shops wishing to expand.

One of the most notable innovations is the launching of a new Velvet-Jet pigment ink, from ink specialist Bordeaux Digital PrintInk. This is a water based pigment ink for digital printing on any fiber whether natural, such as cotton, or man-made, such as polyester, as well as all blended fabrics.  “The one ink for all fabrics” concept developed by Bordeaux eliminates most of the known issues associated with pigment such as poor performance and low color fastness.  Velvet Jet by Bordeaux has come up with an ink that maintains high light fastness (7/8) and the highest industry standard of wash and rub resistance (5/5), meaning the prints can be used, both indoors and outdoors and withstand repetitive laundry cycles, such as needed in the fashion industry.

Practically speaking, the ink has many advantages for digital textile printer novices:

  • it can be installed on any digital printer that can run the fabric, so no capital investment in machinery is required;
  • It requires only a single, unified pre-treatment for all fabrics making it easy to provide printing solutions for multiple applications on the same production line;
  • It requires no post treatment, other than drying;
  • It enables considerable environmental benefits and energy savings

The ink offers a real breakthrough for textile printing using existing printers and is aimed to increase commercial possibilities for print shops, looking for the next competitive edge. Taking advantage of full support during the installation and sampling process makes it easy to start using this ink.

With numerous customers already using the ink around the world, the commercial benefits are evident. Print shops are expanding their range applications and consequently their customer base.

With the ultimate ink for all textile printing applications- from fashion, home furnishing, or accessories, servicing small to medium designers, or for customers requiring limited printing cycles of clothing, home textiles or interior. The “one ink for all fabrics” printing procedure changes the digital textile printing arena, and allows, for the first time, every print shop to benefit from the potential of entering the world of digital textile printing.

Guy Evron from Velvet-Jet/Bordeaux will hold a presentation “Benefits of using pigment inks for textile printing” during TheIJC 2016.

SII Printek Introduces RC1536 Ink Circulation Printhead

Seiko RC1536 Printhead

SII Printek, part of Seiko Holding Group, introduces the RC1536 ink circulation printhead, the newest addition to the their industrial inkjet printhead product range.  

It features an extra wide print-width (108 mm) which enables print-bars to be configured with a small number of printheads. It is designed to work at low-voltage thereby reducing initial investment to driver electronics with the additional benefit of low energy consumption. Isolated channel technology allows the printhead to operate at high frequency (up to 40 kHz) and achieve 8 levels of greyscale with a drop range size between 13 pl to 100 pl. The printhead provides sufficient throughput for high speed industrial productions.

The high flow Ink Circulation Structure means that ink constantly circulates immediately behind the nozzles at high speed. This ensures nozzles recover from blockages automatically and instantaneously, eliminating the need for routine nozzle cleaning during operation and significantly reducing ink wastage. Ink is in constant circulation and always ready to jet, removing the need for priming or purging before starting printing. It is also suitable for stop-and-go operations. The RC1536 ensures a long and stable operation without wasting ink or time. It allows customers to enjoy the highest possible productivity from their printhead.

The constant ink stream within the circulation structure removes bubbles and impurities and prevents sedimentation of ink containing large pigments. The printhead can accept a wide range of viscosities compared to conventional printheads. It is compatible with oil and UV based fluids and a water-based ink version is forthcoming. The RC1536 is adaptable to a wide variety of applications such as ceramic tiles, corrugated cardboard, textiles, varnish, 3D, Printed Electronics and other customised fluids.

RC1536 key features:
- 108 mm print width
- 1536 active nozzles
- 360 nozzles per inch
- 8 levels of greyscale capability
- up to 40 kHz operation frequency
- low voltage operation
- high flow ink circulation at nozzle level
- wide viscosity range of ink and fluid
- fluid types: UV, oil and aqueous base  

Yoshinori Domae from Seiko Instruments will present the RC1536 during TheIJC 2016

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