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TTP Meteor makes driving Konica Minolta inkjet printheads easy

HDC KM1024i KM1800i

TTP Meteor further expands its product portfolio with the addition of the HDC-2KM2418i
Head Driver Card for use with Konica Minolta KM1800i and KM1024i printheads.
OEMs and print system integrators choosing Konica Minolta KM1800i or KM1024i printheads can now benefit from the unrivalled ease of integration, scalable configuration and powerful feature set offered by Meteor drive electronics and software.
KM1800i and KM1024i printheads from Konica Minolta feature “independent” firing technology which enables simultaneous jetting from all nozzles making these heads ideal for high speed single-pass printers in applications such as packaging, textiles and commercial printing. Meteor’s modular and scalable driving solution is capable of bringing out the best in these printheads. The new HDC-2KM2418i Head Driver Card is used in conjunction with Meteor’s immensely successful PCC-E Print Controller. Flexible image manipulation and storage options allow customers to configure the Meteor datapath to meet the needs of their chosen application in any printhead layout, large or small. With Meteor, there is no obligation to adopt, re-brand or circumvent a standard user interface. Customers can create printers that suit their specific application and design requirements.
Clive Ayling, TTP Meteor’s General Manager said, “With this new product offering, we are pleased to
reinforce Meteor’s relationship with Konica Minolta. The solid combination of Konica Minolta printheads and Meteor electronics and software provides an easy to integrate, scalable solution with the assurance of long-term, reliable supply for high volume production requirements.”
The HDC-2KM2418i Head Driver Card together with the PCC-E GbitE Print Controller is now available from TTP Meteor for selected OEMs.
TTP Meteor will be presenting and exhibiting at TheIJC 2016.

TheIJC Nominated for International Association Awards!

AwardsGeneric Header

We are proud to announce that The Inkjet Conference has been shortlisted in the category “Conference Development” at the coming International & European Association Awards (www.associationawards.org).
Excited about the nomination and impatiently looking forward to the final competition results at Associations World Congress in April 2016, we would like to thank all speakers, exhibitors and delegates from the last years, who contributed to the unmatched quality and worldwide recognition of TheIJC.
Follow the updates on the awards’ outcomes, as well as on TheIJC 2016 (5-6 October) at www.theijc.com

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