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Minimum energy supply for maximum performance: The new jetCURE LED

jetCURE LED by Dr Hönle

The proved and tested jetCURE series by UV specialist Hönle has got a new entrant with the further development of jetCURE LED which make LED-UV technology even more attractive to a multitude of industrial applications.

Originally, the jetCURE series was developed to match the special demands of inkjet printing, where it is used for pinning and final curing. But in the meantime these high-performance drying and curing units are applied for many more industrial applications when it comes to drying inks and varnishes or curing adhesives and pottants. Now Hönle has further developed one member of the successful product series: the jetCURE LED. The length of this UV-LED unit can be very well matched to the application in question by connecting single LED assemblies. The minimum length is 187 mm with a irradiation width of

82 mm. The maximum standard length is 761 mm with an irradiation width of 656 mm. Custom-made designs with even greater lengths are possible.

The LED assemblies of the module can be controlled separately. By switching off single assemblies the irradiation width can be matched to different substrate sizes. jetCURE LED reaches high intensities of more than 16.000 mW /cm². This leads to a full cure of inks, varnishes or adhesives within a split second and thus to a reliably perfect result. Power control is possible between 15% and 100%.

The irradiation cycles of jetCURE LED can be adjusted in the milliseconds range. In addition, LEDs do not need any warming or cooling time and can hence be switched on and off as required. This makes jetCURE LED the ideal choice for cyclic operation. Clear diagnostic functions allow comprehensive process monitoring and guarantee highest possible

security. jetCURE LED is air-cooled. This means not only a very low installation effort. It also decisively reduces costs and maintenance. This is also true for applying LEDs which with a service life of more than 20.000 hours outlive conventional UV lamps by far.

Dr. Hönle will be present with a tabletop in TheIJC 2017 networking arena.

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