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The JetBar – Improves print quality, decreases maintenance

NTS Group JetBar TheIJC2016

Over the last 25 years the NTS-Group has been a development partner in many industrial inkjet printer projects. These developments include a wide range of printer types. From traditional wide format flatbed printers to jetting on cylindrical glass objects in a high-speed production flow.

During discussions with customers, one question always came up: How can we decrease the printer downtime and decrease the maintenance cost?

The NTS-Group took this industry topic and with their experience and expertise in optical and high precision mechatronics system development they developed the NTS JetFab Platform, the answer to the recurring question.

During TheIJC 2016, the NTS-Group will launch the first member of the NTS JetFab Platform “The JetBar”. The JetFab Platform is a platform of modules developed to decrease the printer downtime and to decrease the maintenance cost. And yes, customer ROI calculations show that investing in these modules pay off.

The JetBar, the first member launching, includes the following functionalities:

  • Automated printheads alignment
  • Optical droplet inspection
  • Pre-spitting

The JetBar includes a number of customisation options that make it fit for a wide range of industrial printer applications.

For more information about the NTS-Group activities in industrial digital printing visit The Printing Page.

Dr. Shahzad Khan from the NTS-Group will hold a presentation introducing the JetBar during TheIJC 2016. Also, a functional JetBar will be available at NTS’ tabletop.

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