Mark Andy partners with Global Graphics Software to advance digital front end solutions

Mark Andy Global Graphics

Mark Andy has partnered with Global Graphics Software, launching solutions at Label Expo Americas that include a major update to the Digital Series HD introducing ScreenPro™  and a preview of a new Digital Front End based around the Fundamentals workflow developed by Global Graphics Software in collaboration with HYBRID Software.

The Mark Andy Digital Series HD is used in the manufacture of Pressure Sensitive (PS) Labels. It offers a digital hybrid solution, combining the advantages of digital workflows and digital printing, with the capabilities of fast-change flexography technologies including inline decoration and converting all in a single pass.

ScreenPro is an ultra-high-speed screening engine that mitigates artifacts in inkjet output. It streams data and variable colour images at high-speed and has reduced process and RIP times on the Digital Series HD by as much as 50%. 

“The ScreenPro technology built in partnership with Global Graphics is a key development to provide streaming full colour VDP options to meet the print speed requirements of today’s “next-generation” UV Inkjet production presses”, says Ray Dickinson, Mark Andy, Vice President.  “We were able to seamlessly integrate high-speed streaming variable data into the existing ProWORX digital front end”.

“For a workflow to be viable, it has to be able to process and send full colour, fully variable work at a rate that supports the press printing, nearly continuously, at high speed to produce hundreds of thousands of linear feet or meters weekly,” comments Peter Rathje, senior manager of digital press solutions for Mark Andy. “This was previously a challenge with the industry leading production speeds of Digital Series HD at 240 fpm.”

ScreenPro supports full colour variable printing on the Digital Series HD. There is no limit to the number of VDP elements on one imposition meaning every page is different.  It maximizes image print quality for high speed production inkjet printing, with no loss in performance even with additional print bars to support extended gamut colours.

“The benefits that Mark Andy are experiencing are precisely why we developed this technology for inkjet press manufacturers”, comments Tom Mooney, Global Graphics’ product manager for ScreenPro. “Supporting full VDP at press speed and scalable from 5 colours to 8 without loss of quality is what the customer has demanded. ScreenPro will meet their speed and quality requirements now and into the future. “

ScreenPro is a recipient of a 2018 Printing Industries of America InterTech™ Technology Award. ScreenPro adds the final polish to output produced on inkjet presses by smoothing out imperfections caused by the physics of jetting ink onto substrate at high speed,  defects that are often difficult and expensive to correct mechanically. It can be applied to any inkjet technology and print industry workflow, and can be added to presses already on the market, or incorporated into an inkjet press that’s still on the drawing board.

Global Graphics has a long history in screening innovation dating back to its patented FM or stochastic screening technology of the 1990s. In the age of digital printing, and inkjet in particular, Global Graphics has developed new screening technologies from the ground up in response to press manufacturers’ concerns about image quality in single pass inkjet applications.

Tom Mooney from Global Graphics will be presenting “The best of both worlds” at TheIJC, 16-17 October 2018 in Düsseldorf.

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