FREE INKJET Workshops - 15 October 2018

15 OCT 2018, AFTERNOON SESSIONS 14:00-17:00

Delegates of the The Inkjet Conference have the possibility to join one of five workshops on the 15th of October 2018 free of charge. Simply complete the booking form for TheIJC and secure your worskhop place. Places are limited, so first come first serve rule applies.

SteveKnight TheIJC2017JohannesRenner iPrint TheIJC2018INTRODUCTION TO INKJET, chaired by Johannes Renner (iPrint) and Steve Knight (TheIJC)

For those new to inkjet this is an excellent introduction to the background and terminology. Printhead operation, ink types and typical applications are among the covered topics. Workshop includes practical demonstrations using one of the training rigs from The Inkjet Training Programme.
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Oliver KammannJochen ChristiaensSPYGLASS ON THE DIGITAL FACTORY, chaired by Jochen Christiaens and Oliver Kammann (ESMA Expert Team)

In any production process utilising digital printing equipment, a lot more things need to be considered than just the selection of a suitable printing machine and ink. From the start of the production chain to the distribution of the finished product, from artwork design, substrate treatment, printing, inks, curing and post-treatment to logistics and marketing, knowledge and care needs to be applied in choosing the right equipment and technologies for a total digital production chain to function fluidly, efficiently and without problems or need for constant manual adjustments. This interactive workshop will highlight the production steps, focus on core technologies, discuss benefits and pitfalls, challenges and solutions. The ESMA Experts would like to engage with participants in addressing areas of need and concern and together find ways in which ESMA can help overcome these difficulties through training and information exchange.

SeanSmyth SmithersPira TheIJC2018EUINKJET IN PACKAGING, chaired by Sean Smyth (Smithers Pira)

The workshop provides an introduction to the demands of packaging: material, strength and specific properties required, highlighting the demands beyond printing that packaging buyers require. It will look at the main packaging applications: food (and why food safety is such an issue), pharma, cosmetics, tobacco, household, general, electronics. Then we focus on the types of packaging: cartons, labels, flexibles, rigid plastics, corrugated and metal, and the print methods currently employed, sharing the latest Smithers Pira market figures with forecasts to 2023, highlighting the penetration of inkjet. The important inkjet print technology developments are covered, together with a look at the changing cost of inkjet vs analogue methods. The supply chains for packaging are considered, and how these might change as inkjet technologies grow in packaging. The workshop is interactive with opportunities to raise questions/issues either ahead of time, or on the day.

VolkerSchmitt Kronos TheIJC2018EUElaineCampling TheIJC2018EUTITANIUM DIOXIDE: THE CLASSIFICATION JOURNEY, chaired by Elaine Campling (Chemical Compliance Advisory Services) and Volker Schmitt (Kronos International)

Titanium dioxide is a critical substance for the printing industry. It is used as a white pigment, producing a high degree of opacity, stability and durability. The substance has hit the print world headlines, due to supply issues and a new classification as a category 2 carcinogen, suspected of causing cancer by inhalation. Elaine Campling will discuss the regulatory process leading to the new classification for TiO2, the ongoing debate, the challenges it has presented to regulators and the current status of the substance. Volker Schmitt will present the producer’s point of view and outline the impact on the coating and ink industry, starting with higher costs for safe handling and monitoring the product during production and processing, to extensive waste management and recycling of the end products. A CLP classification for TiO2 could possibly have a domino effect for approx. 350 other powder-form substances including alternative pigments. Where does this start and where does it stop?

GuyBuyle Centexbel TheIJC2018EUHORIZON 2020 AND HORIZON EUROPE: WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?, chaired by Guy Buyle (Centexbel)

For several years now, the European framework programmes are the reference in public financing of research, development and innovation activities. These programmes offer large opportunities, for example the currently running Horizon 2020 has a budget of approximately 80 billion euros. This is open for typical research actors (universities, research centres) but also for companies and other actors active in innovation. There is a dedicated budget for “industrial leadership”. Within the workshop, we will take a look at different funding schemes and opportunities that exist, also outside Horizon 2020. For each of the schemes, we will focus on what is in it for you: As a small company or as a large company, whether you are experienced or new in the area of publicly funded research.


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