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Driven by research and by technology, inkjet continues to change the manufacturing process. The widespread adoption of this technology was confirmed during the inaugural event in autumn 2014. Almost 300 attendees, mostly machinery manufacturers, brand owners and suppliers have gathered for the first time in Swissôtel (now Crowne Plaza) Düsseldorf/Neuss for two days and two tracks of technical talks and hours of networking. The event attracted both industry and academic institutions who presented their research and provided technology updates.

“After five events in Europe and the successful introduction of TheIJC in the USA in 2018, we have been observing the constant global growth of inkjet. Our community expands as more and more manufacturing processes feel the impact of digital print technology and investigate implementing inkjet into their specific applications,” says Steve Knight from Digital Direct Technologies, co-founder of the conference.

Organised by ESMA (European Specialist Printing Manufacturers Association), Digital Direct, with an ongoing support of drupa and in media partnership with “Specialist Printing Worldwide”, TheIJC has grown from to 525 participants during the 2018 edition. “Building this conference has been a dynamic process with a global approach to all those who are involved in hardware, chemistry, software and related developments. Each presenting company or research institute contributes to the high technical level of the conference programme and the invaluable social networking aspect. The role of TheIJC is to provide an optimal environment for creative exchange between experts from various fields, as well as to initiate and enhance business relationships,” says Peter Buttiens, CEO of ESMA.

For every innovation, integration and imagination in inkjet : TheIJC is recognised as a “must attend” event.


01 Sign+ 1-2020 (NL)
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02 WTIN 11-2019 (EN)
PDF download

03 Sign+ 8-2018 (NL)
PDF download

04 Digital Textile 8-2017 (EN)
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05 Sign+ 8-2017 (NL)
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06 Digital Textile 6-2016 (EN)
PDF download

07 Sign+ 8-2016 (NL)
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08 SIP 6-2016 (DE)
PDF download

09 Digital Labels & Packaging 11-2016 (EN)
PDF download

10 Sign+ 8-2015 (NL)
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11 Specialist Printing Worldwide 4-2014 (EN)
PDF download

12 Large Format 8-2015 (DE)
PDF download

13 NarrowWebTech 4-2015 (EN)
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TheIJC is a joint event by ESMA (European Specialist Manufacturers Association) and Digital Direct Technologies.

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